Kamal Gatte Ki Mala

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Kamal gate ki mala (Garland of Lotus Beeds)

This garland is made up of seeds of Goddess Laxmiji’s dearest flower Lotus (Kamal). Laxmi adored Lotus (Kamal) flower hence she is called by name Padma, Kamla, Padmhasta etc. By chanting Laxmi Mantra on this garland, sadhak gets quick success in getting all his wishes fulfilled. 

Mother Laxmi Devi’s face is very beautiful, glowing and just like Lotus flower. You were born through Lotus flower and one of your name is Padmakshi also. For your happiness, Kamal Gatta is generally grown in ponds and lakes, this is considered the seed of Lotus (Kamal) flower. Lotus flower is very dear to Laxmi & Vishnu. It is known with many names in Sanskrit Language. It is called as Pundrik, Paktpadm, Neelpadm, in Hindi it is Kamal, in Punjabi Nilofer, in Farsi Gulnilofer, in Arbi it is called Kambulma. 

A person who wishes to acquire the best Laxmi and if he chants Laxmi Mantra on Kamal Gatta Garland of 108 beads then he will get quick success and money comes to him. By chanting Kanakdhara Mantra on Kamal Gatta Garland, there will be rain of gold.

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