Astrological Gem Offers a Free Gemstone Recommendation

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The best way to select your Jyotish gemstone(s) is to follow the advice of your trusted Vedic Astrologer. We offer this free Astrological Gemstone recommendation as a starting point for those without an Astrologer, as well as a unique resource for learning about the areas of your life that may be effected with each gem. This report is powered by Parashara's Light, an internationally known and highly respected Jyotish software.

Our Gemstone recommendation is designed to reflect the balanced effect of many astrological principles that factor in to the selection of a gem. By nature, this is not a perfect science. Recommending gemstones is a complex process that requires a deep knowledge of Vedic Astrology and the specific use of gemstones. There are a number of schools of thought as to how to recommend a gemstone for a particular astrological chart, and opinions and interpretations from one expert to the next can often vary in this field. Please consult your Vedic Astrologer if you have any further questions.