• Place of worship

    Best place is N.E. Agnikon should be used for bhog/yog. Place photos/status of god in should be in NE if not possible then in east. Photos of pitr, sapant, expired ancestors in south,Goddess Laxmi in north. It is better to light a lamp in south.

  • Bed room

    • Best position is put your heard in south and leg in north. Head should be up. But bed should not be adjacent(sata hua) to the wall. If not possible in this direction them.
    • Use head position should be in north & leg in west.
    • There should not be any beam, arch.
    • 4. Door or bathroom should not be in front of bed.
  • Kitchen

    Best place is in SE(agnikon). If some one does work for some houses in this direction them a person grows overall but never sleep in this direction. If someone sleep in this direction a person become sleepless and get angry very of family. Never cook food in natrye kon or brahme place.

  • To get relief from disease

    Treatment room of any hospital should be in North direction and medicine should be kept in North direction for better result.

  • To increase wealth

    As lord kuber is king of north. So, it also helps to increase in wealth and make sure that doors are opening in North direction.

  • Study room

    For better results in study, west direction is better than NE(Ishan kon) because jupiter is lord of NE.He is responsible for guru gyan and adhyatmak. NE can be used for pooja room. Only because in this are a person directs n towards god but spending more time in this area can permanently divert in that direction.

  • Door

    East direction is best if there is only one door in a house for 2nd door North direction can be choosen.

  • Wealth & peace of mind

    By putting head in South direction and leg in north gives best results in life. It will give you wealth and peace but it is not necessary that it will give you satisfactory results for relation with your partner, for that NW direction is best.

  • Foreign visits

    If North direction is very strong and in addition to this if doors namely (inder and jayant) are open in this direction them person visit foreign countries by his/her own guts and get invitation from reputed institutions. A person can find overseas opportunity if west direction is strong and good construction in this area. Became of lord varun these people changes their place frequently and get results too.

  • Vastu & Goddess luxmi

    If door is in North direction as bhallat lord reside here. Next best position is in west direction is varun and pushpdant and in east this is jayant. If these are up and for 5 years a man becames wealthy.

  • Leadership

    All gaits required for leadership are available in south for this a person should be intelligent. For this it is to necessary to have (inder and jayant) doors in east.