Importance of Direction (Geographical)

North - East Direction

The organs of  Vaastu Purush are connected with construction of a building. As per the location of the particular organ of the body of  Vaastu Purush the Eight Directions are given different importance.

The Head of Vaastu-Purush lies in the North-East (Eashan) Direction and is occupied by Mercury (Buddha) and Ruled by Lord Shiva. Accordingly, the place of conducting mental work and the worship chamber in a house is to be situated in that direction.

The head should be secure. Therefore, the North-East is should be kept free from heavy structures like pillars, etc.

While constructing one should therefore take care that there is enough ventilation in the North-East direction of the building. Toilet should never be  constructed on the North-East. Yes, only a Bathing room can be constructed.

Keep the North-East corner of the Building always clean and  pure. Always light incense sticks here as North-East is the best direction to have a Worship place / Puja Room.

North - West Direction:

The North-West (Vayavya) direction is said to be Ruled by Vayudev. Organs like stomach, spleen and rectum of the Vaastu Purush are on that portion.

A spleen, according to the science of medicine, does the work of storing and restoring blood in a body. Herbs of medicine are recommended to be planted towards the North-West. The suggestion through this recommendation appears that the occupants should get the fragrance of herbs through the air.

The Room in the North-West direction is considered as second option to be used as a Bedroom after South-West. The North-West room is considered ideal for Guest Room. The store-room has been suggested towards that direction. Depression in North-West direction causes enmity and litigation. In the Factory / Industry the finished products are to be kept in the North-West corner. It would help quick movements of the stocks & early recovery thereof. Same can be applied for any shop.

Vaastu recommends North West corner of the house or building to be assigned to the toilet.

South - East Direction

The South-East (Agni) direction is said to be occupied by the Moon and Devi Parvati. The moon is said to be the controller of mind and Parvati is the symbol of mother of mind.

Cooking room-Kitchen is to be in the South-East. As the positive rays of Sun in the morning enters in the South-East direction.

Never put mirror in the South-East direction.

While doing the interior works also avoid any water element in the South-East corner of the particular room or Kitchen.

Place a Red bulb in the South-East room if you are using it as a Bedroom.

South-East (Agni) corner can be used to affix Electrical Appliances and Main Switch Board in the Residence, Office , Factory and all such buildings.

South - West direction

The South-West (Nairutya) direction is said to be occupied by Rahu and Kama or Cupid. So a bedroom should be situated in that direction. Rahu is said to be incomplete. Therefore, in order to bring completeness to life, this side must have been chosen for the purpose of marital life.

The Sun, also after the sunset in the sky is adjacent to the West direction, i.e. the South-West and the North-West are covered with bedrooms and store house.

South-West is Ruled by Pitru (ancestors) therefore, pictures of the ancestors can be placed on the South-West wall of the Living / Drawing Room.

The South-West direction should be heavier such that in high rise buildings a pent house should be planned in South-West direction on the terrace. In a Bungalow / Villa design the upper floor in such a way that the South-West direction is heavier then the North-East direction.

Septic tank should be placed in South West part of the Plot.

Tall Trees should be planted in South-West direction.

An underground water tank in South-West can be fatal to the head of the family or owner of the industry.