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White sapphire gemstone is a precious gem associated with the planet Uranus. Unlike other sapphires, the white sapphire gemstone entirely colourless. Commonly known as safed pushkraj this gem helps the wearer to have luxurious life. White sapphire gemstone is significant in astrology as it corresponsed to the vibrations of the planet Uranus, is a planet good luck, divine grace and immense wisdom.

Venus is a benefic planet by nature and is also considered to be a teacher. Venus is the planet governing sensuality and is the embodiment of love. All attributes of love, romance, beauty, sensuality, sexual pleasures and passion are under the rule of Venus.

The Sanskrit name for Venus is “Shukra”, which in one instance, means “semen”, making Venus the presiding deity of semen. Shukra is the son of the great sage, seer and astrologer “Bhrigu”, who taught his son all spiritual sciences and the Vedic scriptures.

or white sapphire is the gemstone recommended to strengthen the cosmic rays of Venus. It increases artistic and creative abilities. It can also lead toward love and devotion in relationships. It may also increase passion and sexual desires, especially in women and can be good for marriage.

Physically, it can strengthen the reproductive system, and is said to aid in the treatment of chronic diseases.


It provides protection against evil eye, hexing and spells.

It is helpful in case of nightmares and helps in getting a good peaceful sleep.

Since White sapphire is the Gemstone of Venus it is the Gemstone that has direct impact on wealth levels. It is an excellent Gemstone for gain of wealth and use for wealth also in a judicious manner.

White Sapphire stone is excellent for harmony and joy in relationships and is also an excellent Gemstone to heal abusive relationships and trauma because of relationships.

The White sapphire gemstone has a positive impact on confidence, self-esteem and personality. It removes fears and complexes.

How to test in original gemstone

Another test requires breathing on the gem like you would a mirror. White sapphire are good at conducting heat, so the fog your breath creates should clear up almost instantly. However, a synthetic rock called moissanite can pass this test.
Because different stones have different densities, you can also compare how heavy your gem is to a real white sapphire of roughly equal size. For instance, if your stone is a cubic zirconia, it will be about 50 percent heavier than a real white sapphire of equal size.

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