Factory Vastu

Vastu shastra is a science of architecture that aims to design a building in alliance with the nature of the elements. There are 5 primordial elements of nature; namely, air, water, fire, earth, and space. Most of the objects around us are the representation of one of these in some or another way.

This is true for the building of any nature, let it be home, or office or restaurant, or factory units. When the structure and design of the building are done as per the rules of Vastu shastra, it channels the positive energies of the cosmic world. As a result, it enhances the good aspects of the Vastu.

Similarly, random design and structure are highly likely to have some underlying Vastu defect which brings some form of ill-effects for the Vastu.

In case the Vastu for the factory is auspicious, it helps the unit perform well in terms of production quantity and production quality. It also reduces the occurrence of machinery malfunction, workplace conflict and instead helps them to get more orders. Ultimately, Industrial Vastu contributes towards getting more business and thereby more profit.

What factors are included in the Vastu for factory

There are many factors that are includes in conducting Vastu for the factory. Let us check out the most crucial ones, one by one

The plot and compound wall

The first and foremost aspect to check for ensuring good Vastu for the factory is its plot. This includes the land and area of the factory. The shape and slope of the land is a very crucial factor in this regard. The square-shaped plot is considered as best for its Vastu, and in case the area is the slope, make sure its inclination is from south to north. It is crucial to take note of the inclination as it requires allocation of dry and wet zone according to it.

The boundary walls must be taken into consideration as well. it is compulsory to have compound walls to ensure good Vastu. Often some sides need to be a little higher or thicker than the other sides, to ensure good Vastu for the factory.

Placement of the factory building in the compound

On the list of Industrial Vastu, next comes the location of the factory within the net area of the boundary. Usually, the factory is situated within the area such that it leaves space for a corridor around it, along with space for the parking lot, and vehicle passage. Make sure that the West and Southside compound does not remain vacant, as they are most auspicious.Location of the factories in the zones, South-West, South-East and South are considered as best for the Vastu for factory, as it is believed to bring profit for the business.

Main entrance

The next most crucial thing that to take note of is the direction of the main entrance in it. This placement plays a significant role in determining the overall Vastu for the factory. Try to position it on the eastern wall of the factory.

It is inevitable for factories units to have more than one entrance, but make the main entrance huge and more prominent than others. Also, make sure to place these gates in the above-mentioned directions itself. Encourage the staffs and logistics department to use the main gate more often.

Office placement

Every factory unit has an administrative office on their campus that overviews the paperwork and monitors the factory work. In simple words, it is the lifeline of the factory. Position the same in either West or South-West directions. Also, place the workstation of the owner or topmost manager in such a way that he or she faces towards North or East while working.

Storage houses

Every factory has a separate storage house to keep the raw materials until they are processed and finished goods it is dispatched from the compound. Place the storage house of raw material in the ENE, East, or ESE directions. As for the storage house of finished goods, position the same in the North-west zone of the factory campus. This will ensure good Vastu for the factory, by providing quick dispatch and earning good profits for the factory.

Temple placement

Every factory should have a little temple of its own. Place the same in the North-East zone of the factory. This is the zone of Lord Shiva and brings many blessings for the Vastu factory. Try to start the day’s work after offering prayer and avoid cluttering around the temple. Don’t forget to keep a lamp in front of it to attract good energy.

Maintenance shed position

Every factory has a maintenance workshop to carry out repair work. Industrial Vastu experts recommend placing this in the South or southwest zones of the compound. It is strictly advised not to place the same in the directions, North East and Central zone of the area.

Placement of the heating equipment of the factory

Every factory, needless of their type of manufacturing, either use heat for production or produces heat due to production. Thus, any such equipment that withstands high heat must be kept in the southeast zone of the factory. Doing so reduces the ill-effects of the Vastu for factory, by minimizing the risks of encountering and accidents and machinery breakdown. These include boilers, furnaces, energy meters, generators, transformers, etc.

Placement of toilets and bathroom

Having a toilet complex is a very must need in every factory shed. The number of toilet units depends upon the size of the staff of the factory. Regardless, the bathroom area must be located in the either East-South-East, West-North-West, or South-South-West direction as per Industrial Vastu guidelines. The septic tank must be located in between West and north-west (WNW) or between east and south-east (ESE) or between South and South-West (SSW) directions to ensure containment of negative water energy.

Machinery placement

There are 2 kinds of machinery present, besides the heating equipment. These are heavy and light machinery. Regardless of the type, Industrial Vastu consultants advise keeping them in the South-East or South sides of the compound. However, make sure to avoid placing the same in North East or North West corners altogether.

Placement of water structures

The placement of water structures is very crucial for the Vastu factory, just like heating equipment. These include the underground water tanks, overhead water tanks, water pumps, bore wells, etc. Most of them should be placed in the North or North-East zone for the best result.

It is best to keep the overhead tank in the South West and avoid the North-East zone for the same.

The above-mentioned information is true as a general instruction for good Vastu for the factory. Now let us take a look at some more guidelines of the same at glance.

  1. Make sure the shape and slope of the plot of the factory are compliant as per Vastu.
  2. Place the staff quarters in the South East or northwest zones of the compound.
  3. Position lawn, garden, or landscape towards the North or East zones.
  4. Make sure to Keep the North-East zone of the compound neat, clean, and free.
  5. Position the guard room in the zones of North West or South East.
  6. Place the parking lot in either northwest or North East of the area. You can consider the same for the passage of logistics vehicles as well.
  7. Prefer the North-East zone of the compound to park light vehicles of the staff, such as scooters, and cycles.

Now, lest summarize some most crucial do’s and don’ts First let’s take a look at the Vastu tips you must follow for your factory.

Mandatory things in Vastu for factory-

  1. Pay proper attention to the size and slope of the factory area.
  2. Place the factory in either West, South, and South-West zone of the overall compound for bringing more profit for the business.
  3. Position the main gate/gates of the factory on the East or North wall.
  4. Place the administrative office in either the North or East zones of the factory.
  5. Locate the raw material storage house in the East or South-East zone. Place the finished goods storage house in the North, West, or North-west zone.
  6. Situate a temple in the factory in the North-East zone.
  7. Place the maintenance shed in either South or southwest zones of the compound.
  8. Pick the southeast zone of the factory to place the heating instruments.
  9. Place the toilet area in either South of South West(SSW) or the West of North West (WNW) direction.
  10. Position the machinery in either South-East, South or South-West sides of the compound.

Avoid things in Vastu for factory

  1. Avoid keeping the West and Southside compound vacant, as it acts as a Vastu defect.
  2. Do not place the maintenance workshop in either North-East or Central zone of the compound.
  3. Never place the toilet area or septic tank in the northeast zone. It can pollute the good energies of the area.
  4. Make sure to avoid placing the machinery in North East, North West corners of the complex.
  5. Avoid the North-East zone for placing the overhead water tanks in the factory.
  6. Avoid cluttering near the temple. This can build up negative energies in the area.
  7. Do not litter around the factory area, particularly in the North-East zone of the compound.
  8. Do not store raw material and finished good in the same zone.
  9. Avoid placing the heating equipment in random locations. This can lead to accidents and machinery breakdown.
  10. Make sure not to use the North-East zone of the compound to park heavy vehicles.