Crystal Therapy

Vastu crystals like amethyst, aquamarine, coral, etc. are popular among Indians in their belief that they are able to solve many mental as well as physical problems. Crystals are said to have amazing healing powers and have been in use for centuries. The energy of a crystal is said to have many properties that can affect the aura of a human and his mood and mind.

In Vastu, specific crystals are used in specific places around the house to get the desired effect. Each crystal has a unique property that is specific to itself and vibrates in its own theme and frequency. Also, each individual reacts in a different way to different crystals so it is important to choose the right one that supports and complements you and resonates with your energy.

These crystals are used in accordance to the different directions that are North, South, East, West, and their derivatives. Vastu deals with directions and the energy flow through these directions and in using specific crystals at strategic locations, they hope to focus on the desired outcome.

Vastu for Wealth, Career & Success

Wealth: In order to prosper financially, it is advised to place Citrine in the South East portion of the house. Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone as it is believed to bring in money, therefore one can also place the crystal on top of the cash box or carry a small piece in the wallet.

Career: To advance in career and to raise career prospects, one should place clear quartz in the workplace of the house. Keeping the said crystal in the study room or reading room will encourage decision-making and aid in intuitive responses.

Fame and Recognition: To achieve fame and reputation, a clear quartz pyramid should be placed in the south portion of the house. This will help improve your status and enable you to be in the way of promotions and raises.

Love: Placing a Rose Quartz in the South West corner of the house is good for nurturing relationships. A large Rose Quartz crystal or a Rose Quartz heart in the southwest portion of the bedroom will ensure a healthy relationship with the partner or help in inviting a romantic proposal for singles. Some people also wear a Rose Quartz pendant to invoke love.

Children: Moonstone placed in the section of the house where children stay is said to enhance fertility. This crystal is especially recommended to people who are trying for a child.

Education: Carnelian crystals are usually used for advancement in knowledge. Nine Carnelian crystals in a bowl are placed in the North-East portion of the house to encourage an open-minded approach. For students, it is recommended to place a carnelian crystal on the north eastern (near the left) side of the study table; or the student can hold the crystal in his hand while studying.

Family: Jade crystals bring in prosperity, therefore placing one in the eastern part of the house is supposed to be fruitful for the family. The Crystal will bring longevity, generosity, wealth, and happiness to the family.