Course Information

Our IIAG AstrologyTraining Centre is a one-stop-place where one can avail the best trainings andcourses for Astrology, Kundali making etc. Our centre offers all theseastrology courses for the learners at affordable charges. We have appointedskilled and experienced astro professionals for every course. They give propertraining and assistance to the students and learners to explore every conceptsof astrology. Our experts train the learners to sort out personal,professional, physical, money, love, marriage, and other issues of anindividual's life through Astro science. After gaining command over all aspectsof Astrology, you will be able to start your own business or work as aprofessional in this domain.

Advance videos havebeen prepared by the institute for online and offline courses. The student andthe researcher, who takes admission in the institute, are provided with thesevideos in the beginning of classes itself.

All these videos havebeen made according to the subjects of the course book. By watching it, you canbenefit yourself in the field of astrology.

Note: - Any student who want to get the certificate from the institute, it will beprovided as per the rules of the government. All the certificates will be givento the students by a government recognized NGO.